Keratoconus Simulation

This is my description when I first noticed something was very strange with my right eye.

Normal Photo:

Photo of night traffic jam. Cars and headlights appear normal

Keratoconus Vision:

Simulation of night traffic jam on my keratoconus vision. Cars and headlights now form star-bursts, light streaks and blurred auras

Notes were written at the time of my discovery and says:

  1. Very fine bright-lines visible concentric like a maze. The further the spot-light the higher the detail.
  2. This mesh of fine-lines are contained inside an aura.
  3. The pattern above is the repeated throughout but blurs the closer the light source.
  4. Vision becomes almost perfect at lower end of sight but for a diagonal streak of light.

I actually didn't know what the condition was at the time, as I never had vision problems - first noticed around June 2007 - later it was diagnosed and confirmed to be Keratoconus.

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